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Our Curriculum is a 3-step process. Depending on your individual goal and budget, you may choose to complete one, two or three steps. Each step will enhance your qualifications as a Speaker, Coach and Transformational Trainer respectively.

It is worth to note that Phase 1 includes the Trainer Intensive and is included in the total cost of Phase 1. Moreover, if you are not certain you want to attend Phase 1 yet, completing Trainer Intensive will give you a reduced Phase 1 price should you choose to move on.

Next Trainer Program begins January 2021




How to share your message: Tricks of the Trade

Imagine if you had the skills to own a room. To be able to, in any conversation or any presentation, captivate your audience. Imagine if you could use your skills to powerfully share your message with the world! 


Join Keynote Speaker and Founder of Gratitude Training Jo Englesson and Hay House Author and Celebrity Coach Jennifer Grace in this 3-day Trainer Intensive where you will:


  • Learn the 7 secrets of Success Speaking

  • Discover the mechanics of stage presence

  • Overcome fear and develop courage and confidence on stage so you can capture a room

  • Create a 3-minute compelling TED Talk

  • Learn how to apply to and market your TEDx events and say exactly what the administrators want to hear

  • Master how to weave humor through IMPROV into your talk so that you can captivate and win over any audience

  • Leverage yourself in all areas of your life to achieve more abundance, success, and freedom

Minimum requirement - Graduate or Currently in Masterful Living

Next Date:  January 2021 TDB





How to work effectively with people; 

in person, on the phone, and from the stage

Gratitude Trainer Development Program - Phase 1 gives you an opportunity to make a huge difference in the world. Over 6 months you will receive 3 coaching certifications and complete your first step in becoming a Certified Gratitude Trainer.

  • Immerse yourself and learn the Distinctions of Gratitude, Mastery, and Transformation

  • Gain the tools to create your own coaching business

  • Earn 3 coaching certifications (ICF, CIJ & GCC)

  • Learn the basics of creating your own workshops

  • Get qualified for Phase 2 to become a Gratitude Trainer

    Minimum requirement - Graduate or Currently in Masterful Living

Session 1 - Jan 29-31, 2021 (Trainer Intensive)
Session 2 - TBD
Session 3 - TBD
Session 4 - TBD
Session 5 - TBD
Session 6 - TBD





Immerse yourself in the distinctions and technologies required to deliver Gratitude Trainings or equivalent

Gratitude Trainer Development Program - Phase 2 is for those that are committed to becoming Transformational Trainers and deepen their learning of the Gratitude Context and Curriculum. This program is 15 months and require a solid commitment to living your life in excellence and as a clearing. 


During this program, you will begin to focus your learning in alignment with the trainings you are committed to facilitate.


Minimum requirement - GTDP Phase 1 or Trainer Forum

The Value


The industry standard cost for a Trainer Intensive, or Train the Trainer, is $3,500

Gratitude Coaching Academy Cost for Trainer Intensive is  $2,500 (Saving of $1,000)


The industry standard cost for the Phase 1...

  • Transformational Trainer portion is $10,000

  • ICF Coaching Certification portion is $9,200

  • CIJ Trainer/Coach Certification portion is $7,450

Total Value for Phase 1 is $26,560


Gratitude Coaching Academy Cost for Phase 1 is  $14,600 (Saving of $12,050)



Gratitude Coaching Academy Cost for Phase 2 is  $1,000/month for 15 months

Barkha Herman, Microsoft

Gratitude Trainer Development Program

Phase 1 has been like personal development on steroids for me.

I have learnt so much, grown so much, and accomplished so much in such little time that even I am in awe of my own accomplishment.

This is an intensive program, with a lot of help and support and lots and lots of accountability and leveling up. I highly recommend it to anyone, even those not interested in becoming trainers.

Alex Wang, Gratitude Training

By far the most valuable and challenging

6-months of my life. This program is designed to create a career and catapult you with multiple tools into a successful future as a life coach and facilitator. The program is worth more than my college degree!

Noralyn Vazquez, Gratitude Training

The Gratitude Trainer Development Program has been one of the most powerful, impactful learning experiences I have had in my life.

Not only was I able to take my knowledge of transformational distinctions to a new level; I was also able to create new opportunities of growth in my personal and professional relationships.

This program is for people that love to challenge themselves and are willing to play a high level game in both their personal and professional lives.  Be ready ready to blow yourself away with what you will create in just 7 months.



In order to set our students up to win and assure this program is a right fit for you, we ask that you set up a 1-on-1 call with us or attend one of our INFO sessions.  

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  • You are interested in becoming a Certified Life Coach

  • You are interested in becoming a Transformational Trainer

  • You are interested in becoming a paid speaker or facilitator of your own teachings

  • You are interested in exploring what this program could create for you personally and how it can enhance your effectiveness in all areas of your life

  • You know you want to enroll but have some financial circumstances and want to find out about payment plans and/or discounts

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