Students that complete Phase 1 and successfully fulfill the requirements for the ICF and CIJ certifications (see below) are also presented with a Gratitude Certified Coach Certification and Seal for permitted use on resumes and marketing materials.


Students that complete Phase 1 successfully with 3 certifications, as well as the 15-month Gratitude Development Program, Phase 2, are eligible to apply to become a Gratitude Certified Coach. There are additional requirements other than simply completing the curriculum to be rewarded this certification. Such other requirements are, but not limited to, ability to be scheduled, ability to deliver chosen trainings, as well as successfully completing a number of solo trainings producing required results.


Gratitude Training is currently partnering with Claudine Chiarmonte, ACC and Connective Coaching and Training, LLC in developing and re-designing the requirements to accredit Gratitude Coaching Academy as an ICF Certification school. We have currently certified 12 students from our first GTDP Phase 1 program.


Gratitude Training is partnering up with Jennifer Grace INC to offer the CIJ Clarity Catalyst certification. The Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program that was developed in 1979 to cultivate creativity and self-expression. It was touted the most life-transforming course ever to be taught at Stanford.

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